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Experience an evolution in Sunless Tanning with the EVOLV. Sidekick. The first-ever, heat-infused Custom Airbrush Sunless Tanning System, developed by the professionals who brought you the world’s most recognized and trusted Sunless, Inc. brands, Mystic Tan and VersaSpa.

The EVOLV. Sidekick combines advanced chemistry, ground-breaking engineering, and unparalleled convenience to deliver a specially-formulated, vitamin-enriched, fully-customizable, warm-my-skin, cool-my-senses, curl-my-toes, change-my-life, are-you-looking-at-me, of-course-you’re-looking-at-me sunless tanning application every time you turn it on!

This is a custom airbrush system applied by a certified tech. You can choose to get your whole body sprayed or just certain areas such as legs. The spray is contoured to your body to give a slimming effect. Please shower, shave and exfoliate before your session. Make sure your skin is free from oils, lotions and makeup. Easton Salon Bronze for an appointment and more details. Call 610-923-6555


Versa Spa The brand new Versa Spa airbrush spray tanning booth is very different from our previous spray tan booth. Versa Spa offers you an open booth design that airbrushes you with a prep spray, a self tanner bronzer (in three different color levels), and a moisturizing color extending spray. You can pick to have all three of these applications for the best and longest lasting results, or choose just the sprays that best fit your needs.

To prepare- Shower, shave, and exfoliate the night before you plan on coming in for your spray tan. Do not put any lotions on your skin this can block the self tanner from penetrating. Versa Spa makes a line of skin care products to use that will give you the best and longest lasting results.

The day of your spray tan- Walk in whenever is good for you, no appointment needed! We will supply you with a hair cap to keep your hair clean, and a cream to prevent your hands from getting too dark. If you happen to come in on a day that it is raining please cover your skin completely and bring an umbrella. Rain drops will wash away your spray tan.


There are three sprays- a prep spray, the bronzer spray (you can choose three different color levels), and a moisturizing after tan spray. You can choose to do one of these or all three for the best and longest lasting tan. The Versa Spa will also provide you with a heated air drying cycle.

Afterwards- You will have INSTANT color! Wait a minimum 4 to 6 hours before you shower, sweat, or get your skin wet in any way. The longer you leave the spray on before showering the DARKER you will become. After your first shower the initial bronzer will wash off. This may leave you looking slightly lighter and this is normal. Feel free to put a body sticker on before you get sprayed so you can see the color increase and how long your color lasts. Please use only Versa Spa skin care products if you are looking for the best looking and longest lasting color.

Who can use spray tanning- ANYONE!! Spray tanning is perfect for people who want an instant tan, or for people who do not want to tan with the conventional UV light. Also people who are very FAIR skinned and cannot tan in the sun get a great bronze glow from spray tanning. Regular UV tanners can spray in addition to regular tanning to get more color or a more even skin tone.

* Please remember that a spray tan in NOT THE SAME as your body’s own natural tan from the production of melanin. A tan from UV light will offer a natural SPF to your skin. Spray tanning will not offer you any protection from sunburning.

Check out versaspa.com for more info


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to Prepare for your spray tan?
      • We recommend products that are made SPECIFICALLY for sunless tanning. We offer a variety of products to prepare your skin for your sunless tan.
      • NO DOVE products before or after tan.
      • Make up can be removed at the salon or before you come in.
      • All waxing services should be completed the day before your spray tan.
      • Plan to NOT get wet or sweat for 4 to 6 hours after tan.
      • If you want a darker tan wait longer before you shower. Self tanner will stop darkening at 24 hours. Please be careful of the weather.. Rain or snow will negatively effect your sunless tan.
      • Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing for after your tan if you can. This allows the skin to breath and dry. If the sunless tan transfers to your clothes it usually will wash out. (Avoid wearing silk)
      • Men must wear bottoms when doing the Evolv airbrush tan (boxers, briefs, swim trunks, or speedos) Men can be naked when doing the Versa Spa machine spray tan.
    Women have the option to go naked. We ask that minors (17 and under) cover their top and bottom. As with men this does not apply to the Versa Spa machine spray tan.


  2. How to maintain your Spray Tan ?
    • Wait 4 to 6 hours to shower (or longer if you want a darker tan)
    • Use body wash made just for sunless tanning to help your tan last longer.
    • Pat dry with towel (Don’t rub)
    • Use a moisturizer with self tanner added to it to keep your tan longer. We carry several different moisturizers for sunless tanners.


  3. What will lighten, blotch or fade your Spray Tan ?
      • All Bar soaps ; especially DOVE products.
      • All highly fragranced or exfoliating body washes.
      • Curel, Bath & Body Works, Victoria Secret or any highly fragranced body lotions or perfumes.
      • Use of hot tub, swimming pool or a long hot bath.
      • All hair inhibiting lotions or depilatory hair removal products like Nair, Veet, Neet, etc.
      • Wax hair removal, manicures & pedicures.
      • Body hair bleaching products.
      • All anti-aging, anti acne or any products that contain harsh chemicals.
      • Toners, Witch-Hazel or alcohol.
      • Facial masks or body scrubs.
      • Make-up remover or cleansing wipes containing oil.
      • All exfoliating products or use of a loofa, exfoliating mitt, wash cloth, etc. or rubbing dry with towel.
      • Band-aids or adhesive tape.
      • Shaving with old, used razor (Must use new razor lightly)
      • Various hormonal occurrences (ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy)
      • Bug spray sprayed directly on skin.
      • Products with SPF.
    Evolv Custom Airbrushing tanning for fitness competitions
    Show off your body with a beautiful dark tan.. Perfect for competitions that require you to show off your physique.

    Prepare your skin by getting waxing and shaving done the day before your spray tan. Shower shave and exfoliate with products made SPECIFICALLY for sunless tanning. Many regular bar soaps and body washes can leave residue on the skin which leads to a blotchy spray tan.

    Make your base coat appointment the day before your competition. Lightly shower the next morning and then come in for your final competition spray. This you will not wash off. The two coats of sunless tan will give you a dark tan. ADD SHIMMER!! A final spray of gold shimmer can be applied right after your second spray tan. This will give you a golden statue appearance on stage.
    It is possible to get a dark tan in one session is your time only permits that. We will work with you to get to your desired level of darkness.
    Please call the the Easton Salon Bronze for Competition Package pricing 610-923-6555

    Wedding Airbrush Tanning


  4. Do’s and Don’ts Before Your Wedding Day ?
    • DO book your trial tan at least a month before wedding day.
    • Do have your bridesmaids & your fiancé also get their tan on too.
    • DO complete pedicures, facial, massages & waxing at least 24 hours prior to your sunless tan.
    • DO prepare properly before the spray tan for best results.
    • DO use our Evolv or Versa after care products to keep your sunless tan flawless for wedding day.
    • DON’T spray tan the day of your wedding, we recommend 1 to 2 day before your big day.
    • DON’T use the pool or hot tub once you have been spray tanned until after the wedding.
    • DON’T wear a razorback sports bra once the tan has been applied until after the wedding.
    • DON’T forget to enjoy the moment, it goes by fast.

    Bridal Tan Party Pricing
    6-9 People $40 per tan -Bride Free
    10+ People $35 per tan – Bride & Groom Free

    This package includes: Consultation, Trial tan, Bridal Shower Tan, Bachelorette Tan & Wedding Day Tan.
    And our Evolv gift bag which includes pre sunless scrub and after sunless moisturizer.



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